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We have been in the backcountry and know what works and what doesn't. We know what to bring and that requires a custom made heavy hauler! We choose the AIRE Lion Expedition Series as our preferred Cataraft. Our factory custom made 18 foot long, 28" diameter high floatation tubes can transport you, your gear, fish, and game safely down class IV canyons and white water or across the skinny water with ease.  Where other boats fall short, we can get into honey holes that other outfitters will not, and should not try in a drift boat. Safe, stable and reliable, catarafts take on the worlds biggest waters and remain a main stay of our backcountry eXpeditions. 

Mark is the consummate outdoorsmen. Raised in Minnesota and Michigan he has a great love of the outdoors. He relocated to Alaska about 11 years ago to construct a new gas turbine power plant in North Pole, and like many other outdoor enthusiasts made Alaska his home. 

Mark is a US Navy Veteran and was a Deep Sea Salvage Diver. He has many professional certifications that include a USCG Captain's License, State of Alaska Department of Fish & Game Registered Guide, and Kenai River Certified Guide. His studies also included Engineering and Construction Management. When Mark is not fishing, guiding, or preparing to fish or guide, Mark is pursuing a graduate degree Construction Management and managing large energy efficiency projects for the State of Alaska and DOD.

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Getting you to "your Alaska"

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There’s nothing quite like the outdoors and backcountry in Alaska.  As owner operators, we want to give you the best experience possible. And that’s just what you’re going to get here at AK eXpeditions. Not only do we offer dipnet charterss for all five salmon species, but we are also well-traveled, experienced backcountry guides that will lead the way on extended hunting expeditions! At AK X, you'll find great trip packages that even an experienced adventurer would swoon over. Plus, we work hard to ensure the environment is protected during our tours, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that our company contributes to our environment's sustainability. So, get your waders on, find your backpack and schedule YOUR eXpedition with AK X today!

Your safety is our number one concern. Zodiac's  MilPro MK 5 & 6 HD's are the world's premier extreme service boat. Offering the ultimate in safety, stability, and comfort in Alaska's icy waters. To get you to where other boats can't, the Zodiac offers unparalleled performance that no other manufacturer can offer. That is why the world's military, first responders, arctic  explorers, and elite special operations teams use Zodiacs. While other outfitters use flashy lake style boats that are operated at or near max USCG nameplate capacity, this leaves little room for error in rough icy waters.  The Zodiac out hauls these boats with a staggering 9500 pound rated capacity. Nearly two TONS more capacity than a Willies or Fish-Rite boat that is used on the Kenai.